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Mammoth Mine Services, LLC., (MMS) offers Colorado hard rock underground mine consultation, engineering, MSHA compliance, safety training and underground hard rock contracting services, as well as equipment supply or refurbishing services specifically for the development of small to medium scale mines throughout the Western United States. We are positioned to be a turnkey contractor in all aspects of project development for junior mining companies aspiring to develop hard rock narrow vien mineral resources.

Mammoth will help guide your underground mining operation from exploration to development to production. Our professional team of associates cover the entire spectrum of mine development, from investigative geophysics, to ore processing and handling. MMS can provide valuable input in permitting, engineering, design, cost estimation, regulatory guidance, MSHA safety protocols and general planning for your operation. Beginning with the right expectations, budget, and schedule can insure your project's success.

Mammoth Mine Services is a Colorado business structured to facilitate a seamless, efficient development and operation of mid to small underground mine underground projects. Our unique experience in small to mid-size drift and portal engineering makes Mammoth an ideal resource for developing narrow vein resources.

In addition to services related to Colorado mining consultation, mine engineering and underground mine contracting, Mammoth can provide portal materials, underground drills, loaders, or even mill process equipment. Mammoth Mine Services' staff, large shop and equipment resources, insure that your project receives immediate attention, and is specialized to suit your underground mine consulting or contracting requirements.

Please use the Contact button below for all general inquiries, or give our office a call at:

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Gold Hill Minerals – Mine Consultation, Equipment Refurbishment, Portal Rehabilitation:
2012 - :

Bueno and Black Rose Mines, Jamestown, CO

Provided initial mine consultion services as Gold Hill Minerals prepared to rehabilitate the Bueno Mine for underground exploration activities.
Scott Hazlitt
Gold Hill Minerals
Sutter Gold Mine – Mine Consultation, Equipment Refurbishment:
2010 – Present:

Lincoln Mine, Sutter Creek, CA

Assisted in the development of the Preliminary Economic Analysis, as directed by Sutter Gold Mining. Significant contributions to the PEA include cost analysis consultation, mine design, mill design, and equipment selection. PEA complete in Q1 2011. Continued consultation as mine moves forward into development. The mill is currently nearing completion, as 3 belt feeders, a custom hybrid flotation cell, a large DECO 6x10 disk filter complete with all related componenets, a massive 60’ WEMCO thickener, a vibratory pre-screen, a HD twin 6” DECO diaphram pump, and dust-bag house were refurbished in 2012 by MMS and recently installed.

Matt Collins
Sutter Gold Minerals
Oracle Ridge Mining, LLC. – Mine Consultation:
2012 - Ongoing

Marble Mtn, Pima County, AZ

Providing safety consultation and mine engineering for a developing copper resource near San Manuel, in the Oro Valley. Co-development of MSHA policies and company policies, safety audits and training programs.

Bruce Riederer
Oracle Ridge Copper
Global Minerals Ltd. – Mine Engineering Consultation:
Strieborna Project, Rozgana, Slovakia

Development of an internal use only document, as well as a non-compliant Preliminary Economic Analysis, for the Strieborna Silver-Copper-Antimony project, located in Roznava, Slovakia. Developed mine design, mine methods, equipment selection, and cost models for evaluation by client to aid in determining project direction.

outdated contact
Murphy Mining and Exploration, LLC – Mine Safety Training, Consultation:
2011 – 2012
Providence Mine, Cripple Creek, CA

Providing on-going mine safety training as well as engineering guidance and efficiency standards.
outdated contact

Mr. Branden Burden, General Manager

Mr. Burden is a graduate of the Colorado School of Mines, Golden CO., and has worked in the mining industry, in a professional capacity for many years. He has extensive hands-on underground experience, that combined with his professional mine consulting, engineering, and contracting, sets Mammoth apart from other "consulting" firms. Mr Burden has been involved in multiple achievements and awards for a fully compliant, underground gold mine and mill, including: 2005 Sentinels of Safety, First Runner Up – Small Underground Metal Mine Group, nationwide; 2005, 2006, 2007 Sentinels of Safety recognition – Small Mill Group; 2006 Colorado Department of Natural Resources – Hardrock Reclamation Award; 2006, 2007 Colorado Mining Association – Pollution Prevention Awards; 2007 Colorado Division of Reclamation, Mining & Safety – Small Underground Safety Award

Captain & Co-Founder, Colorado Front Range Mine Rescue Team, 2007-Present, Training & Certifications –MSHA 40 hour (current), MSHA Mine Rescue (current), MSHA Certified Trainer: IS, IU Professional Affiliations – Member, Society of Mining Engineering Member, Rocky Mountain Coal Mining Institute Member, Colorado Mining Association

Mr. Walt Amick, Business Manager



Mammoth Mine Services - Associates

A highly experienced team of associates, provides MMS customers with exceptional technical support and skilled project management.

Matt Ingram, MSHA Operations & Safety
Specialties: Underground Safety & Operational Policies and Implementation for hard rock narrow-vein deposits.


Mr. Tony Cadorette, Motors By Tony (MBT)
Mr. Cadorette is well known in the mining industry amoung equipment managers; with an extensive reputation in Elko, Nevada. Specialties: Underground equipment refurbishment, (all types). Mr Cadorette's work with engines in consistently lowering emmisions to below current MSHA standards is well documented. A detailed list of his accomplishments and work history can be found under the "Equipment Refurbishing" page.

Mr. Murray Watts, Murray Watts Drilling Company
Specialties: Surface and underground drilling

Mr. Richard Eaman
Specialties: Mineral Process Engineer


  • Mine Consultation
  • Mine Contracting


Mine consultation services for underground hard rock narrow vein deposits, encompasses a broad array of disciplines.

Mammoth Mine Services mining consultants have to be aware of the particular constraints imposed by Colorado regulation. We can provide mine design and cost estimation support for a 43-101 approved PEA level document.

Mine saftey, consultation and MSHA compliance is what Mammoth Mine Services, LLC specializes in. Our lead engineer is well versed mine production standards, but equally important, is up-to-date in what MSHA requirements your project needs to follow. In fact Mammoth Mine Services, LLC is a key supporter of the Front Range Mine Resue Team.

Our non-comprimising standards are applicable to your specific project and enable Mammoth to effectively map out cost-effective and safe solutions for profitable mine management.

From mine planning and safety report generation, we are equipped to handle all MSHA requirements for your underground mining operation.


When your hard rock mining project is permitted and requires an immediate go-ahead labor force, Mammoth Mine Service's resources can be brought to bear on it's development.

While getting the attention of the right people is the first fundamental principle in any project's initial development, being able to put together an efficient qualified and experienced mine contracting force of personnel and equipment is the second most important aspect in underground mine development.

It is our business at Mammoth to know what unique methodologies of mine development work best for your resource. In dealing with the mine consulting and contracting industry on a daily basis, we are familiar with all the key players. We can help your project by the application of those standards that the industry has accepted, while also utilizing those that are most suitable for your project, be they personnel, equipment, or strategic planning.

Our contribution and/or subsequent pricing can be a part of asset equity.

  • Design
  • Fabrication/Build


We believe that only a proper starting point with clear directives, will allow for effeicient fabrication, which ultimately will lead to a satisfactory product.

It is only through concise drawings and renderings that both builder and user can have the same expectations of outcome.

Mammoth Mine Services has the experience and staff to provide you with everything from preliminary conceptual renderings, to scaled drawings, (with engineer's stamp if needed), to cut-sheets, (DXF files), to final "As-Built" drawings for your project.


Our fabrication and build team is highly skilled and utilizes the latest technology in building all equipment; applying up-to-date safety and production requirements that mining operations need.

Whether it is weld fabrication, hydraulic system assembly, or general bearing and seal replacement, our qualified team is well equipped to handle the Job.

Large Guard for Conveyor
Flotcell Launders
Conveyor and Guards
Slotting Carrier Beams
Gaurd Detail
DR Housing
Installing #80 Guards
Completed Flotcell Launder Set
Fabrication of Weirs
Fabrication of Sub-A Housing
Flotation Tank Assembly
Flotation Tank
Flotation Tank

  • Mammoth Mine Services
  • Motors By Tony

DECO 6x10 Disk Filter

Pictured on the right is the condition of the filter as received. Most filter segments were missing, and the blower and gearboxes were shot.

DECO 6x10 Disk Filter

As installed at new mill, complete with safety guards to bring filter into compliance with current MSHA requirements.

Pictured are four new segments for DECO filter

Used inner boards were found, cleaned, resealed, and new filter cloth was installed.

Blower for DECO filter

Updated blower with drive-plate, motor and guard.

DECO filter tank paddle drive

All new gearbox mounting-plate and motor. Large NASH 60HP vacuum pump is in the background.

WEMCO Thickener Unit as received

Elevation control, drive and shaft for 60 foot unit. (Other unrelated parts in forground.)

WEMCO Thickener Unit as received

Drive unit and elevation control were completely worn, though large bull-gear was still useable. (Other unrelated parts in background.)

WEMCO Thickener Elevation Control

Elevation control completed and palleted.

WEMCO Thickener Elevation Control

Warren prepping the control unit for ship-out.

Old DECO #24 - 6 Cell Flotation Tank as received

Rusted Carcass with center mechanism removed.

Refurbished DECO #24 - Hybrid 6 Cell Flotation Tank

A new tank was fabricated employing a hybrid DR/Sub-A flow-process. (Unit is prepped for shipment to be sand-blasted and painted without center mechanisms.)

Old Weir Housing, from DECO #24 Flotation Tank

One of the best examples; clearly not salvagable

Newly Fabricated Weirs

New fabricated weirs and gates with stainless steel gate edging, (edging not shown).

Old DECO #24 - Center Mechanism Housing

Existing Sub-A Impeller Housing; - unusable.

New Fabricated Center Mechanism Housings

(From Foreground) 2 Sub -A housing units, a DR unit, a Sub-A, and DR housing(s).

Installed DECO #24 - Hybrid 6 Cell Flotation Tank

End view showing #6 End DR-Cell center mechanism and weir gate control.

Installed DECO #24 - Hybrid 6 Cell Flotation Tank

Partial view showing #4, #5 & #6 cell mechanisms and the 6-5 bolt-on launder assembly.

Refurbished Wagner ST 6

This unit was completely rebuilt/refurbished with the addition of a fully custom and MSHA compliant operator's compartment.

Wagner ST 6

side view

Wagner ST 6

All new engine

Wagner ST 6

Completely updated dash with joystick controls

Wagner ST 6


Wagner ST 6

Updated control circuitry

EJC 430 - 17 ton dumper

Upgraded with MSHA Compliant Cab

EJC 430 - 17 ton dumper
Completely reconditioned

EJC 430 - 17 ton dumper

Completely new cab with fully noise compliant MSHA cab.

EJC 430 - 17 ton dumper

Cab has upgraded controls and electronics.

EJC 430 - 17 ton dumper

Front view of cab.

EJC 430 - 17 ton dumper

Dashboard before renovation

EJC 430 - 17 ton dumper

Previous problematic circuitry utilized 23 relays

EJC 430 - 17 ton dumper

Renovated dash-panel reduced to a single relay, insuring less problems.

18,000# lift

Completely refurbushed

18,000# lift

Line boring on main boom cylinder bushings

18,000# lift

All center articulation components redone

18,000# lift

New Detriot Diesel 50 series installed

18,000# lift

Nearing completion

New and Used Equipment


We offer used EIMCO Rocker Shovels of all sizes. These units can be rebuilt, sold as is, or the larger shovels refurbished and upgraded with remote technology.

S & H Skid Drill

Used or rebuilt pneumatic or hydraulic drills

Pictured is a used Wagner ST 1.5

We offer used loaders of all sizes. These units can be rebuilt or sold as is.

Ore Cars

Used ore cars; as-is or completely refurbished.

Pictured is a new imported slusher

We offer used, new, rebuilt, or new imported slushers of all sizes. These units can be rebuilt or sold as is.
Please use our "Contact Us" button for inquiries regarding the litings above.
In the event of more complex inquires regarding either the above or other data, please give our office a call:

+01 720-508-4157


(An independant, non-profit orginization)

With all the rewards that mining can offer, it is imperative that we not forget that mine personnel are inarguably the most valuable resource we have.

Mammoth's founder, Branden Burden, has made the Front Range Mine Rescue a top priority for first himself, and secondly, Mammoth Mine Services. Each team member shares the same dedication to an extensive schedule of on-going education, safety, and rescue training required to prepare for mine emergencies anywhere along the front range; (including outside of Colorado).

MSHA rescue services are an instrumental part of EVERY operating mine in the United States, and Front Range Mine Rescue, (FRMR), is MSHA certified and approved for incorporating into your mine plan.

* FRMR is independant of MMS operations, and mine operations utilizing rescue services are under no obligation to also use Mammoth Mine Services, LLC (MMS).